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"Letter to the editor of the Revue de métaphysique et de morale." Revue de métaphysique et de morale 4, Supplement of July 4: 20.

Translation, with very slight revisions, of pages 1-15 of Le Suicide (1897a).

"Fouillée, A., La Propriété sociale et la démocratie." Revue philosophique 19: 446-453.

"Gumplowicz, Ludwig, Grundriss der Soziologie." Revue philosophique 20: 627-34.

Since the first edition of Lukes' book, the number of translations by different hands has increased greatly and this has meant that at least certain poor translations (such as 1933b and 1938b) have been superseded by those of better quality. For the time being, however, I have simply provided the following list of Durkheim's works -- both the original French and their existing English translations.

Review of Ferneuil, T., Les Principes de 1789 et la science sociale.

"Les Principes de 1789 et la sociologie." Revue international de l'enseignement 19: 450-56.

"L'Enseignement philosophique et l'agrégation de philosophie." Revue philosophique 39: 121-47.

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"Crime et santé sociale." Revue philosophique 39: 518-23. "L'Origine du mariage dans l'espèce humaine d'après Westermarck." Revue philosophique 40: 606-23.

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